New Releases

Performance Focused: Turbosmart’s BOVs and Wastegate Actuator for 2016 Ford Focus RS

Turbosmart has developed a new pair of blow-off valves for the new Ford Focus RS. With enlarged ports and billet construction, the Kompact VR08 for the Focus RS can handle all the boost! Read more

NEW Kompact Blow-Off Valves for Mini Cooper S R56

Turbosmart’s Kompact EVR06 blow-off valves are a bulletproof direct replacement for the Mini’s fragile and trouble-prone factory valve. Read more

Power Patrol: Turbosmart’s NEW Wastegate Actuators for Nissan Patrol ZD30 and TD42

Turbosmart’s IWG-75 for Nissan’s ZD30 and TD42 Patrols provides more stable boost pressure throughout the rev range, and significant improvements to engine power and torque. Read more

The French Connection: Turbosmart BOVs and Wastegate Actuator for Renault Clio RS

Turbosmart has developed a pair of direct bolt-on blow-off valves and an upgraded billet internal wastegate actuator for the popular Clio RS 200 1.6T, designed to boost the Clio’s performance. Read more

Turbosmart for Diesel: New BOV Kits and Electronic Gauges for Turbo Diesel Vehicles

The pursuit of performance doesn’t stop at the diesel pump. Turbosmart has responded to the ever-growing diesel and 4×4 market with a new range of gauges and diesel blow-off valve kits developed specifically for those looking to get more reliable performance out of their turbo diesel vehicle. Read more

NEW Kompact Shortie BOVs and BPVs for Mercedes-Benz A45, CLA45 and GLA45 AMG

Turbosmart has developed a pair of bolt-on blow-off valves for the Mercedes-Benz A45, CLA45 and GLA45 AMG, offering more performance and less damaging compressor surge. Read more

Controlling Godzilla: Turbosmart’s NEW Twin Port Internal Wastegate Actuators for R35 GTR

The Twin Port IWG-75 brings a new level of boost control to the R35 GTR, with a level of accuracy never before seen from an internal wastegate. Read more

Level Up: NEW Turbosmart Kompact Shortie Blow-Off Valves for Mk7 VW Golf GTI

Turbosmart has just released brand new Kompact Shortie Blow-Off Valves for the Mk7 VW Golf GTI and R, offering unsurpassed durability, boost handling and performance. Read more

Turbosmart’s new additions to Kompact BOV range

Turbosmart has expanded its model-specific Kompact Blow-Off Valve range, with new Kompact Dual Port blow-off valves to suit a number of Nissan, Subaru and Mazda models. Read more

Straight from the Source: Turbosmart’s Boost Reference Adapter Range

Turbosmart has developed a solution for a number of popular models that allows access to a reliable boost reference, without compromising the operation of the car’s standard sensors and control systems. Read more

Winning Under Pressure: NEW ProGate-50 Lite High Pressure Wastegates

Following the success of the brand new ProGate-50 Lite, Turbosmart has followed up with a high-pressure version. The ProGate-50 Lite HP is the largest wastegate in Turbosmart’s high-pressure range, with a 50mm valve size. Read more

Turbosmart for Mustang: NEW Kompact Shortie BOVs and Internal Wastegate Actuator

With the long-awaited new Ford Mustang finally landing in Australia, Turbosmart is proud to introduce a suite of products for the turbocharged Mustang EcoBoost. Read more