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MazSport’s Grudge Kings-winning Mazda RX7

Recently, Gina Bullians and the MazSport RX7 won the inaugural Grudge Kings at Sydney Dragway. We check out the winning car at MazSport’s workshop. Read more

Turbosmart Flying 500 Entrant: John Di Mauro’s Farm Ute

Taking on some of Australia’s fastest tuner cars, John Di Mauro’s Holden Belmont might look like bringing a spoon to a gun fight… But looks can be deceiving. Read more

Turbosmart Flying 500 Entrant: Birrong Automotive’s R34 GTR

This black BNR34 Skyline GTR is a prime example of why the GTR has reached cult status. Here’s a reliable street car, complete with power steering and air conditioning, and it just happens to supply 670 horses to all four wheels. Read more

Turbosmart Flying 500 Entrant: Nemanja’s FPV F6

Nemanja’s FG FPV F6 is representing the best of the blue oval at the Flying 500. Claimed to be Australia’s fastest FG Falcon, its outside appearance doesn’t quite give away just how much of a weapon this car is. Read more

Team Turbosmart’s Moits Racing breaks Outlaw 10.5 World Record, Australian Doorslammer Record

Moits Racing has smashed both the Outlaw 10.5 world record and the Australian Doorslammer record within a few days of each other at Sydney Dragway. Piloted by Paul Mouhayet, the orange Moits Racing CV Performance Mustang shook up the Outlaw 10.5 class … Read more

Turbosmart Flying 500 Entrant: Goleby’s Corolla Sleeper

This week, we introduce Kristian Goleby’s Toyota Corolla panel van as a entrant in the Turbosmart Flying 500. It’s sure to shock anyone who doesn’t know what this rough old van is capable of. Read more

Performance Focused: Turbosmart’s BOVs and Wastegate Actuator for 2016 Ford Focus RS

Turbosmart has developed a new pair of blow-off valves for the new Ford Focus RS. With enlarged ports and billet construction, the Kompact VR08 for the Focus RS can handle all the boost! Read more

Turbosmart for Subaru

Own a turbo Subaru, and want nothing but the best parts for it? Turbosmart’s spirit of ongoing research and development has culminated in our latest range of bolt-on performance products that cover a vast range of Subaru models. Read more

NEW Kompact Blow-Off Valves for Mini Cooper S R56

Turbosmart’s Kompact EVR06 blow-off valves are a bulletproof direct replacement for the Mini’s fragile and trouble-prone factory valve. Read more

Turbosmart Flying 500 Entrant: Charles Warland’s RB26 Datsun 260Z

Another week, another entrant for the Turbosmart Flying 500. Unlike the contenders we introduced over the last two weeks, Charles Warland and his Datsun 260Z are Flying 500 newbies. But that doesn’t mean he’s not one to watch. Read more

A Corolla Living Life On The Edge

Who doesn’t love a good restomod project? We sure do. Jason Gynn from On Edge Racing does too, which is why his desire to built a car capable of 8 second quarter miles led him to an old KE30 Toyota Corolla. Read more

Turbosmart Flying 500 Entrant: PJ’s Quick Bits S13

Next up in our countdown of entrants for the 2016 Turbosmart Flying 500 is yet another veteran of the Sydney Motorsport Park straight. Paul ‘PJ’ Torony and his far-from-stock S13 Silvia have surprised the crowds at the Flying 500 for years, proving just what a well-built SR20 is capable of. Read more