Turbosmart Flying 500 Entrant: Birrong Automotive’s R34 GTR

Have you missed our previous entrant profiles? Pick your favourite so far from Mercury Motorsport’s Nitto R34 GTR, PJ’s all wheel drive S13, Charles Warland’s Datsun 260Z, Goleby’s sleeper Corolla van, and Nemanja’s 1150rwhp street FPV.

This week, we introduce another vehicle that would be familiar to anyone who followed last year’s Flying 500. Nissan GTRs have long been Flying 500 favourites, and they have dominated for much the same reason that Godzilla dominated touring car races in the early 1990s. They offer an almost unbeatable mixture of traction and power, thanks to their trick all-wheel-drive system and the legendary RB26 engine.

This black BNR34 Skyline GTR is a prime example of why the GTR has reached cult status. This is a reliable street car, complete with power steering and air conditioning, and it just happens to supply 670 horses to all four wheels, without being undrivable.

The R34 is a shape that has become etched in the minds of enthusiasts not so much for its outright beauty, but because of what it signifies. This car defines the giant killer. It doesn’t have a sleek mid-engined profile, it doesn’t have an exotic name, it’s not Rosso Corsa red and the less car-minded could probably lose it in a car park with other 1990s Japanese metal.

But, we know subconsciously that a GTR packs Ferrari-killing performance, even though it looks like a relatively normal car, and that’s why we find its appearance so menacing. That’s why it has presence.

Built for a customer of the workshop, Birrong Automotive’s R34 looks clean and simple, and it makes the most of the R34’s famous shape. But, under the bonnet lies a RB26 with a GT500 block and a CNC cylinder head. Unlike a lot of high-power RB builds, the Birrong car retains the original 2.6-litre capacity. With 670hp (500kW) at the wheels, it’s not the most powerful car in the Flying 500 pack, but combined with the all-wheel-drive, it could be enough to rattle a few cages.

GTRs have always been formidable forces, and this one is worth watching at the Flying 500! Make sure you’re front and centre at World Time Attack Challenge to see this and a whole field of Australia’s fastest tuned street cars battle it out for top speed supremacy.