Bubba Sonic


Part Numbers:

Bubba Sonic BOV Sleeper:  TS-0204-1303
Bubba Sonic BOV Black:  TS-0204-1302
Bubba Sonic BOV Blue: TS-0204-1301

Turbosmart might be famous for fitting a lot of performance into small packages but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the fact that sometimes bigger is, indeed, better. This is exactly the premise behind the Big Bubba range.

Bubba Sonic is a vent-to-atmosphere version of the Big Bubba valve and features a heavy duty, CNC billet aluminium body and components and a 52mm (2.05”) hard anodised aluminium two-piece piston.

A -4AN threaded vacuum port offers a wide variety of connection methods. Outlet fitting size: 50mm (2.0”). To make things easy Bubba Sonic uses the same inlet flange and V-Band clamp as the Turbosmart Race Port. All that in a package that weighs only 790 grams (1.7lbs)!

Bubba Sonic has been designed for big horsepower, high performance and high boost turbo and supercharger applications. If you’re looking for an inconspicuous, valve for your small capacity, low boost daily driver you will need to look elsewhere!

All the owners of big and small block Chevs and Fords, drag rotaries, straight sixes and big turbo diesels looking for a better response from your turbo or supercharger – the Bubba Sonic is for you!

Springs available: 7, 12, 17 and 21 inHg.


Bubba Sonic

Bubba sonic general dimensions

Bubba Sonic

Bubba sonic accesories

TS-0204-2201 Spring – 7inhg
TS-0204-2202 Spring – 12inhg (standard)
TS-0204-2203 Spring – 17inhg
TS-0204-2204 Spring – 21inhg
TS-0204-3004 V-Band Clamp
TS-0204-3001 Atmospheric Trumpet
TS-0204-3202 2.0″ Plumb Back Fitting
TS-0204-3203 Vacuum Fitting

Bubba Sonic


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